Webinar replay | How to manage Amazon data to increase on-site performance

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Amazon is the largest e-commerce retailer in the world. Every month more than 197 million people visit Amazon.com, spending $3,453 billion annually. That’s more than 14% of the world’s total global retail sales. These numbers have made Amazon a crucial sales channel for product-driven brands, integral to their future growth.

But to unlock this growth, brands first need to work out how to manage all the data from Amazon  — and there’s a lot of it. Amazon data sources — which include Vendor Central, Sponsored Ads, Amazon DSP, Brand Analytics and Amazon Marketing Cloud — all contain powerful site analytics, insights into what consumers are searching for, information about how product pages are performing or how advertising formats are impacting sales. So, where to start?

In this webinar, Artefact’s Adrien Boullet, Thomas Faure and Mark Smith explain how to store and compute Amazon data effectively, share best practice advice to help brands uncover new trends and insights, and review the latest Beta tools that will, ultimately, help them increase performance on site.

Topics covered include:

    1. Presentation of all Amazon data sources.
    2. Artefact conviction on Amazon Analytics.
    3. Best practices to structure and leverage Amazon data.
    4. A look to the future: reviewing the latest Beta reporting tools.


Adrien Boullet | E-Retail Lead, Artefact

After four years working  at Amazon, Adrien joined Artefact in 2019. He has extensive years of experience working on e-retail ecosystems. Previously, he launched Philips on Amazon.fr and developed its activity for three years. In his time at Amazon, he managed key vendor accounts in small appliances categories before joining the Amazon Advertising team to support its growth. Adrien was also EU expert of Brand Analytics, ABVP and all retail data at Amazon.


Mark Smith | Client Partner, Artefact

As client partner at Artefact UK, Mark Smith leads Artefact’s account teams for clients such as Morphe, Hertz and Crucial by Micron. A marketer with more than 20 years of experience, Mark is skilled in helping brands solve their challenges across every facet of digital marketing, from ecommerce to affiliates, search to PPC and everything in between.


Thomas Faure | Senior Consulting Manager – E-Retail, Artefact

Thomas Faure has 7+ years experience in e-commerce and data marketing, and supported multiple international brands like Group SEB, Pierre Fabre Group, Trust or Mattel in their e-retail acceleration on Amazon.