Debunking the myths about iOS14


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Whether you work in the digital marketing space or not, you will likely have heard whispers of systemic changes occurring in the realm of data privacy. These include changes from tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Apple, and talk of new solutions that provide users with greater transparency and control over how their data is managed. 

However, there is confusion and mild concern among the digital advertising community about the implications and impacts of these obscure changes, and many myths abound.

In this webinar, Artefact’s data marketing experts debunk these myths, by explaining, from both a technical and business standpoint, the true impact of Apple's most recent update (iOS14) on advertisers' abilities to target users. 

The session will address common myths like: "I will no longer be able to track users behaviour online", or "I will no longer be able to target users online", and provide concrete and actionable recommendations on how to mitigate these systemic changes.


Derek Li

Senior Data Consultant


Manuela Mesa

Senior Data Consultant


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