Artefact × Pierre Fabre
Accelerating online growth with a global e-Retail
upskilling programme.

Learn how Pierre Fabre has accelerated its online growth with a global e-Retail upskilling programme produced and delivered by Artefact teams.

With the pandemic the share of e-Commerce in total retail sales is expected to reach 21.8% by 2024. E-Commerce is more than an opportunity for manufacturers, it’s a necessity and Pierre Fabre Group is convinced that upskilling programmes can accelerate their overall business growth. 

Geraldine Choplin, eBusiness & B2B Intelligence Manager, Nicolas Mouton, Learning & Development Manager at Pierre Fabre and Thomas Faure, eRetail Lead at Artefact, led the committee to build the Pierre Fabre upskilling project, which figures are impressive: 

  • 600+ trainees onboarded
  • 23 chapters / 8+hours of eLearning material deployed
  • 26 markets covered
  • 750 +one to one coaching hours
  • 30+ virtual bootcamp sessions animated 

The feedback of employees was extremely positive, as expressed by Willy Sharma, Country Manager Pierre Fabre, Norway:

 "It is relevant, engaging, dynamic, clear and it works! We will for sure be more suited to grow our e-retail business and this is a great step towards getting the competency needed."



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