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In this eBook, discover our complete range of data & digital marketing services through the testimonials of our clients with concrete use cases and the field insights of our experts when it comes to the latest trends and new challenges that marketing & sales departments face nowadays.

Working in close collaboration, our digital media experts, data scientists and creatives integrate our clients' marketing and sales objectives, define consumer profiles and targets with great precision thanks to advanced cross-data analysis (CRM, social, retail, etc.) and deploy high-performance multi-channel media campaigns optimized in terms of ROI.

Our main conviction is to refocus the objectives of our data-driven projects around the user's value, putting the end consumer at the heart of the system, while ensuring that tangible results are produced very quickly.

Table of content


  • Data-driven marketing: the rise of the customer data platform
  • The Great Data Reckoning | How to truly understand Marketing ROI & make smarter decisions in a cookieless world
  • ORANGE BANK • Consolidation of web and CRM data, Enhances its digital marketing with rapid deployment of a full funnel, cross-device activation strategy.
  • 1st party data: Taking control in the cookie-less marketing era.
  • Out of cookies? Fuel an AI-based audience engine with first-party data for accurate targeting!
  • Are you sitting on a (second-party) data goldmine?
  • SANOFI CONSUMER HEALTH CARE (CHC) • Precision Marketing – Industrialising the deployment of data-driven campaigns.
  • How to scale personalization efforts with data-driven marketing


  • Interview with Natacha Kocupyr & Thomas Quélin leading our digital agency in France
  • UBISOFT • How Artefact helped Ubisoft to build a powerful media campaign using data for its key video game launch of the year
  • From marketing personas to media activation: from theory to reality, reconciliation can’t be improvised
  • SEO/SEA synergy: myth or reality?
  • DEEZER • Leverages Performance Max automated solution to drive +28% subscriptions.
  • Making PPC measurement easier
  • CRUCIAL BY MICRON • How content amends to Featured Snippets resulted in triple-digit growth
  • Responsive Search Ads are now the standard advertising type
  • PETIT BATEAU • How Teads and Artefact are boosting the sales of Petit Bateau ?
  • The untapped wealth of WeChat data for brands
  • DEUTSCHE TELEKOM • Growing the affiliate program and maximizing new customer sales.
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