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In our e-book 'Data & Digital Marketing' our experts explain the latest trends and discuss new challenges that marketing & sales departments face nowadays. Here you can also find testimonials of our clients with concrete use cases to draw inspiration from.

Working in close collaboration, our digital media experts, data scientists and creatives integrate our clients' marketing and sales objectives, define consumer profiles and targets with great precision thanks to advanced cross-data analysis (CRM, social, retail, etc.) and deploy high-performance multi-channel media campaigns optimized in terms of ROI.

Our main conviction is to refocus the objectives of our data-driven projects around the user's value, putting the end consumer at the heart of the system, while ensuring that tangible results are produced very quickly.

Table of content


  • Data-driven marketing: the rise of the customer data platform
  • Unleash the power of first-party data with a Customer Data Platform
  • ORANGE BANK • Enhances its digital marketing with rapid deployment of a full funnel, cross-device activation strategy.
  • Interview of Florian Thiébaut “CDPs, platforms used for data centralisation and audience segmentation, become the norm”
  • CDP and the Business of Data in Sports and Entertainment
  • RECKITT  Optimising media spend and increasing sales at Reckitt with the Artefact Audience Engine
  • Building your own Audience Engine: Turning the Google ecosystem into a cookieless Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • UBISOFT • How Artefact helped Ubisoft to build a powerful media campaign using data for its key video game launch of the year
  • MROI | A new data-driven approach to measuring on and offline campaigns
  • SANOFI CHC • Precision Marketing | Industrialising the deployment of data-driven campaigns
  • How AI can help brands discover consumer microtrends


  • Becoming data-driven (and reaping immediate benefits) has never been easier
  • CARREFOUR GROUP • How Data & AI can accelerate sustainable business transformation
  • CONFORAMA • AI-enabled personalization boosts Conforama CRM campaign revenues
  • Retail Media: An indispensable asset for brands
  • UNILEVER — How does Artefact support UNILEVER on Retail Media use cases to increase its sales? Data monetization opportunities for retailers: Retail Media within the CPG/Retailer data ecosystem
  • CARREFOUR LINKS • With Artefact are helping brands to improve media targeting thanks to Carrefour’s data
  • MATTEL — How Artefact helped boost Mattel’s online sales on Cdiscount (relevanC Advertising) retail media platform ?
  • CARREFOUR GROUP • How to reduce food waste in the Bakery-Pastry department?
  • Demand forecasting: Using machine learning to predict retail sales
  • Sales forecasting in retail: what we learned from the M5 competition.
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