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In our report 'Data & AI Marketing' our experts explain the latest trends and discuss new challenges that marketing & sales departments face nowadays. Here you can also find testimonials of our clients with concrete use cases to draw inspiration from.

Table of content


  • Data-driven marketing: the rise of the customer data platform
  • Unleash the power of first-party data with a Customer Data Platform
  • ORANGE BANK • Enhances its digital marketing with rapid deployment of a full funnel, cross-device activation strategy.
  • “CDPs, platforms used for data centralisation and audience segmentation, become the norm”
  • RED BY SFR •  The value of proprietary data at Red by SFR
  • Unlock revenue growth with data-driven digital marketing maturity
  • RECKITT  Optimising media spend and increasing sales at Reckitt with the Artefact Audience Engine
  • Building your own Audience Engine: Turning the Google ecosystem into a cookieless Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • UBISOFT • How Artefact helped Ubisoft to build a powerful media campaign using data for its key video game launch of the year
  • MROI | A new data-driven approach to measuring on and offline campaigns
  • SANOFI CHC • Precision Marketing | Industrialising the deployment of data-driven campaigns
  • CDP and the Business of Data in Sports and Entertainement
  • How AI can help brands discover consumer microtrends


  • Becoming data-driven (and reaping immediate benefits) has never been easier
  • CARREFOUR GROUP • How Data & AI can accelerate sustainable business transformation
  • CONFORAMA • AI-enabled personalization boosts Conforama CRM campaign revenues
  • Retail Media: An indispensable asset for brands
  • UNILEVER — How does Artefact support UNILEVER on Retail Media use cases to increase its sales?
  • Data monetization opportunities for retailers: Retail Media within the CPG/Retailer data ecosystem
  • CARREFOUR LINKS • With Artefact are helping brands to improve media targeting thanks to Carrefour’s data
  • MATTEL — How Artefact helped boost Mattel’s online sales on Cdiscount (relevanC Advertising) retail media platform ?
  • CARREFOUR GROUP • How to reduce food waste in the Bakery-Pastry department?
  • Demand forecasting: Using machine learning to predict retail sales
  • Sales forecasting in retail: what we learned from the M5 competition.
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